ToolOne Tool take-out / return management solution

Main products are workflow system “Stampflow” linked with IoT equipment and tool management solution “Tool ONE” linked with RFID device.

Is there any problem like this? If you have any of them, we have solution to help them!

・ You would like to reduce the time for searching of parts and equipment.
・ You would like to improve efficiency in handwriting search and returning management report.
・ You would like to reduce inventory workload.

<”Tool One” proposes a suitable “RF tag & RFID device” and constructs a system on an on-site. >

We will propose solutions to solve issues of asset management and shortage of human resources.

・ I want to introduce the system with less expense .

・ you don’t need a extra person in the new system in addition to operating existing systems.

・ The new system does not match the site now

<”Tool One” Features and Benefits>

By providing ”Tool ONE” linkage API, you are able to cope with various existing sensors such as “IoT equipment” and “RFID equipment” You don’t need large capital investment as it connects seamlessly with your currently operating management facility. (* Some special exceptions are excluded)As an example, It is possible to reduce stock picking work load at once by using your handy reader and a smartphone (or tablet)after you putted  RF tasg  each “tools and measuring instruments(tools) in your warehouse. In addition, you can send a report immediately from the same handy reader and smartphone. As a result, you are able to  focus on “on-site inspection and maintenance work” on site.

<We have already used it in many industries.>

・ Infrastructure companies
・ Transportation companies
・ Field service company
・ Manufacturing companies like you
・ Global company
・ Rental company
・ Mail order company
・ Distribution companies
・ Mid-level construction company